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If you're not intentional about how you spend your days, it's hard to get anywhere except by accident.

The Intentions Format lets you quickly enter your intentions for the day, indicating which goal each task goes towards by starting that line with the number of the goal.

For miscellaneous tasks, you use some other symbol, conventionally an ampersand (&) or a tilde (~) but you can be creative and use symbols like $ or or if those seem more appropriate.

You can also indicate that a task goes towards multiple goals by separating their numbers by commas, e.g. 1,2) hike with Kate might go toward both a fitness and a relationships goal.


The Outcomes Format collects your day's tasks up by goal and guides you in reflecting on the progress you made.

Tasks that were left incomplete get a minus () in front of them, and extra tasks you completed (ones that you didn't intend to do) are indicated with a plus (+).

Then, for each goal, in the colored bar you remark enough or not enough based on whether or not the progress you made today is enough to keep you on track to achieving your goal on time.

Complice will use the enough/not values to show you at a glance which goals are on track. You can also write notes to yourself here (as seen in the example on the right).

Other things to know:

  • Other options that will get parsed as "enough" include y, :), win, victory and nailed it.
  • Other options that will get parsed as "not enough" include n, :(, fail, and nope.
  • If that goal wasn't relevant that day, you can put day off or holiday or rest day or recovery day or n/a.
  • On days when not enough is really nothing, you can put that. Or NOTHING if you want to be really serious about it.

Daily Habits

Have tasks you want to do every day? Or maybe just habits you want to track, like "get up before noon" or "drink at least 20 cups of water?" You can add these to your list of Daily Defaults by pressing the grey below the intentions box.

In order to not swamp you with these items, they don't automatically get added to your list every day. Instead, during the intentions-setting phase, you get to push a button () to add them, and then you can edit them if certain ones don't make sense that day.


You can put an extra ( before the number, which is an informal way to make the daily intentions look less punchy and more remindery. It doesn’t get parsed as anything special at the moment, though it might!

Some users also like using ~ for miscellaneous in dailies, instead of &. It’s smaller and seems more like a structure than a specific thing I have to do. See the examples below.

Include something about getting up on time. If you set your intentions the night before, add something like (~) get up without snoozing my alarm. Or, preventatively, (~) turn off my computer at 11pm.

Want to practice a new style of working? Add something like (~) use pomodoros or (~) no email before noon.

Super secret tip: include [__] in your intention and it’ll get highlighted in your outcomes to remind you to specify what you did more precisely. Use this for simple tracking, like (2) email at least 3 leads: [__] or (7) do a workout: [__].

Like the (, nothing special happens with these values, but again, maybe it will soon! (Like they could be graphed or sent to Beeminder or something)

NotDone Propagator

Most todo lists very quickly become stale, ie full of old tasks:

  • tasks you've done but forgotten to check off
  • tasks that are no longer important
  • tasks that would be worth doing but at this point they've been on the list so long that you don't even want to look at them

Complice avoids this by having you make a fresh list each day. If you don't do something, it doesn't just stick around forever. It goes on the list of "things I was intending to do yesterday but didn't". Which is fine! You don't need to do everything every day.

To make it a bit easier to recover tasks that are truly important though, Complice now has a feature that shows you not-done tasks from the last 3 days and lets you grab them for today's intentions. This makes the recovery of said tasks be a conscious act, rather than an unconscious default state. You have to consciously think, "no, this is really important."

(Protip: Complice inserts extra )s on intentions that have been left undone in the past, to make them visually distinct. These don't have any specific function yet though.)

It's easy to remove tasks, and if you don't do something multiple days in a row, you get a message like this:

Pomodoro Timer

Here's how it works: pick a task to work on.
Work for 25 minutes
If anything tries to interrupt you, don't let it. Write it down if it's a thing you need to do later. If you let something distract you, you have to reset the timer. Focused work is important.

Take a break for 5 minutes
Actually take a break! Even if you're right in the middle of something! Being in the middle means it's exciting to come back, unlike if you break when you're stuck, and then it's tough to come back.

When the break timer ends, start another 25 minute work timer. Repeat. Every 4 or so, maybe, take a 20 minute break.


  • continuous & one-off mode
  • custom work & break lengths (easy to change)
  • custom long-break frequency & length
  • optional ticking sound while the clock is running
  • multiple ending sounds
  • desktop notifications
  • assign completed pomodoros to tasks
  • share your clock with friends so they know when to message you (or can work together)

“This is the only thing I have found so far that keeps me even moderately productive in very unstructured work situations.”

Coworking Rooms

Be social and productive at the same time!


  • Share what you're working on & see what others are up to
  • Synchronized pomodoro clock: take breaks at the same time
  • Chat, for during the breaks (group chat + direct messaging)
  • Video, for presence (without audio, to reduce distraction)
  • Open to anyone, including non-Complice users
  • Create your own private room for your friends or your team

“Joining [this room] is probably the literal best thing that happened to me this decade. Thank you to the people who made this place exist.”

(tip: add #videoDisabled to the end of the url before loading the page and it'll turn off video)

Accountability Partners

  • What? Link your account with someone else's to gain accountability towards your goals.
  • How?
    • Get emails with your partner's activities
    • See what your partner is working on while on your own today page
  • When?
    • Continuously via the partner tab on your today page
    • Daily email updates
    • Periodically help your partner stay accountable towards their top priorities
  • Who?
    • Use it to stay in touch with a friend
    • or find a stranger who won't let you slack off

Research suggests that simply telling other people about your goals can make you less likely to work hard at them, perhaps because the mere act of telling them feels like progress. The Complice Accountability Partner system is different though, because you're not just telling them—you're making a specific plan, and they're overhearing. Also because your partner will see within a day if you're not doing what you intended, so you can't exactly rest on your laurels.

“My boyfriend introduced it to me and suggested that we use it to stay updated on each others' lives while we're doing the long distance thing.”

Dark Theme

Complice is made to be used throughout your day. But if it's late at night, you might not want to be staring at a bright white screen. Toggle darktheme (or have it automatically enable in the evening) to relax your eyes.

Access this setting by clicking the gear on the today page, then the View tab. Dark Theme currently only works on the today page.


Basic today page hotkeys

? Show / hide this help menu
` Open settings dialog (above tab key on most keyboards)
Rotate between tabs
n/m Switch to NextAction/Organize tab
i/o Toggle intentions/outcomes submit box
0-9 Enter a new intention for the goal with that number
alt + 0-9 Filter list by the goal with that number
space Toggle done-ness of selected item (or next action)
u Mark most-recently-completed item as undone
c Select next action (top not-done item)
↑/↓ k/j Select higher/lower
⇧+↑/↓ K/J Move selected item up/down
t Timer: start/pause timer
(note: pomos are indivisible, so you can't pause one halfway through)
r Timer: cancel
y Timer: apply detected time

Advanced today page hotkeys

shift+c Move selected item so it's the current task
l (lowercase L) Select the last not-done task
L Move selected item so it's the last task
* Toggle star on an item
% Toggle nevermind on an item
# Seed the intentions input with a #) for each goal
shift+t Timer: start pomo clock with a break
p Assign a completed pomodoro to selected item
shift+p Unassign a pomodoro from an item
alt+p Destroy an unassigned pomodoro
alt+shift+p Undestroy an unassigned pomodoro
ctrl+shift+a Hide/show completed tasks
f Toggle distraction free mode
shift + f Toggle dark theme
g e Go to timeline page
g g Go to goals page
g r Go to reviews page
g s Go to settings page

In addition, if you hold ⇧ shift when submitting intentions, they'll be put as the next task(s), rather than at the bottom.

And if you hold ctrl+ ⇧ shift when submitting intentions, they'll be put second from the top, underneath the current next task.

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