How to use WorkFlowy & Complice together

The basic jist is to put Complice intentions in WorkFlowy, and then tag them with the date that you want them to show up in your intentions draft. When you check off the task in Complice, it'll be marked done in WorkFlowy too.


If it seems to not be working, re-read this guide before contacting support. Usually it's due to a typo in the format, not a software bug.

Tags to know


If you tag something , it will get pulled whenever you press fetch. If you tag something , it will get pulled only when you're first setting your intentions, i.e. your list is empty (this fetch is automatically triggered when you submit your outcomes).


If you tag something with a day of the week, it will get pulled on that day. If you don't do it that day, it'll get pulled again the following week. You can also tag a task with a specific date in YYYY-MM-DD format.


Add to the WorkFlowy node, and it will pull it in but not link the Complice intention with the node (so eg. if you complete it it won't tell WorkFlowy)

Use instead and it'll link it but still won't tell WorkFlowy to complete the task. The difference is that by linking it you get a little button to click through to the node. This could be good if you want to do some reading from a list every day:

Other date tags

You can stick an 's' on the end of days-of-the-week to make a task repeating as well! So is equivalent to

You can use and it'll make a repeating task on the 15th of every month. Note that will miss February, as it just checks if the day number is correct.

Fancy tricks

This is designed to be really powerful, and to avoid cluttering up your WorkFlowy too much.

Tagging parent nodes with a date

Say you want to sort some tasks into today, some into tomorrow, some into a backlog... the easiest way to do that is to drag, not to tag them all individually. So you can!

Tagging parent nodes with a goal

Use the tag to indicate that all of the children of a given node are towards goal 1. Then you don't need to use the complice 1)   format, you can just tag them with a date and you're good to go.

(Note: you need to use either the notation or the complice 1)   format for something to get pulled from WorkFlowy. Otherwise Complice can't be quite certain that you want it.)

[prefix]: your lists

Say you have a bunch of articles to read. You might want your intention to say e.g. "5) read", but in workflowy, you want it to just be a list of urls. Well, that's possible! Put []: around text on a parent and it'll get prepended to the node's immediate children. Note that the colon (:) is part of it!

There's a :[postfix]operator too, so you can have a parent node called notes to [integrate]::[into main model] and then a child called "convo notes with Sarah" becomes eg "1) integrate convo notes with Sarah into main model", with a link to the convo notes node—super convenient if the notes are on that node

Prefix and postfix both only work with the -style pull, because otherwise Complice is just directly fetching the node and doesn't see what its parents are.

Tagging parent nodes with both goal and date

This one is below the prefix feature, because it depends on it. The problem with this... that there's just a bit too much ambiguity about what's intended to be a task. If you do it like this, it will try to pull in the "tasks for #today" task, not the children individually.

Instead, the solution is to put the date tag as a prefix. So it's as if all of the children of that node have their own little tag, and they all get pulled in separately:

Pretty WorkFlowy tags!

One thing you might not know about the internet is that you can style any website however you want.

Install this userstyle in your browser to get the workflowy tags described above to show up in color, like they do on this page.

If you're logged in, this section will show custom CSS for your goal colors.

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