The Complice app connects your high-level goals with your day-to-day workflows.

This writing connects high-level concepts & models with practical advice & tips.

Intentionality, not productivity

“Productivity” is not up to the job. The concept of “productivity” was invented in the late 1800s as a frame for measuring standardized output among laborers all doing the same job.  ...continue reading...

Try thinking of your goals as dimensions

“You have where you are, and you have where you want to be (roughly), and your goals can describe the directions you’ll need to travel in order to get to where you want to be.”  ...continue reading...

The Complice Philosophy

“The main paradigmatic differences of Complice, compared to GTD-based systems are as follows: choosing & doing, over organizing; aliveness, instead of exhaustiveness; goals as fundamental, rather than tasks; proactive, rather than reactive”  ...continue reading...

How to start on the most important thing every day

“Lots of famous folks—James Clear, Leo Babauta—have written about why to do the most important thing first. But they describe it as “simple” and “straightforward”, which… it might not be!”  ...continue reading...

Is this enough for today? What is “enough”?

“One of the core parts of the Complice workflow is submitting your outcomes at the end of the day (or the next morning, for some people). Where your intentions capture what you intend to do each day, your outcomes are a chance to reflect on what you ultimately accomplished, and how that looks in relation to your overall goal.”  ...continue reading...

What kinds of distractions are good for your focus?

“Since “multitasking” tends to be counterproductive, and working intently for hours on end is hard to do consistently, it can make sense that we might want to find healthy ways to distract ourselves in between rounds of working.”  ...continue reading...

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