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Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a year.

Goal-Crafting Intensive 2023 February

Make time to make a plan, online on Feb 18th or 19th

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New Year's Resolutions typically crash by February? No worries.

Fortunately, January 1st isn't the only time that you can make a major course correction. This Goal Crafting Intensive is an online workshop that picks up where resolutions fall short. It's designed to provide you with the structure, focus and support you need to develop powerful goals that will help you have the most productive year of your life (so far!)

What you can accomplish:

  • Get clarity on what your most important goals are
  • Identify possible actions and approaches you could take, and prioritize between them
  • Develop strategies to stay motivated and focused on executing your plan
  • Nurture systems to help you continually reflect, adjust and improve

The Intensive includes pre-workshop exercises so that you arrive ready to hit the ground running, instruction and coaching to provide you personalized support, and a practice group that meets weekly so you can continue learning with peers throughout the year.

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Having Goals Matters

The scientific literature broadly agrees that goals have (at least) four important effects[1]:

  1. Goals direct attention toward goal-relevant activities and vice versa
  2. Goals energize you to work harder
  3. Goals challenge you to persist longer
  4. Goals cause you to become more strategic

Some people (notably Dilbert creator Scott Adams) have claimed that instead of goals, you should have "systems". Nonsense. Have both.

And in fact everyone already does have both goals and systems. Any rough sense you have of what you'd like to happen, on any timescale, is a goal. We're here to help you clarify some of the big goals that you want to organize your life around.

Goals + Systems > Resolutions

Isle of Man
"I was worried that the workshop would basically just be a marketing event for Complice... yet another webinar trying to upsell me. But it was totally the opposite.

The content was generally applicable, and the coaches were consistently focused on helping me with what I needed most. This workshop was truly about supporting me in defining, refining, and going for my goals"

Pay What You Want

The Goal-Crafting Intensive is offered on a PWYW basis, for the following reasons:

  • Interested people can attend even if they're short on spare cash.
  • It lets people pay what they feel the event was worth to them, meaning no buyer's remorse.
  • It incentivises us to make the event be really impactful, and gives us really tangible feedback on that front.
  • We've done it for 5 years and it's worked great!

There will be a $25 ticket price up-front, to confirm that participants are serious about the event. Then at the end of the event, when we settle up, you pay whatever you want. There's no minimum (and no maximum).

We know some people would rather not engage in economic experiments though, so if you'd rather, you can go ahead and just pay a market rate of $350 up-front.

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(tickets sold out) what?

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