Get somewhere this year.

"Most people overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a year."
(adapted from Bill Gates)

2018 Goal-Crafting Intensive

Make time to make a plan, online on Feb 24th or 25th

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New Year's Resolutions already falling short? That's totally normal.

Didn't even make any, because you're sick of feeling stressed about them? Also very common.

Fortunately, January 1st isn't the only time that you can make a major course correction. This Goal Crafting Intensive is an online workshop that picks up where resolutions fall short. It's designed to provide you with the structure, focus and support you need to develop powerful goals that will help you have the most productive year of your life (so far!)

What you will accomplish:

  • Get clarity on what your most important goals are
  • Identify possible actions and approaches you could take, and prioritize between them
  • Develop strategies to stay motivated and focused on executing your plan
  • Put in place systems to help you continually reflect, adjust and improve

The intensive includes advance content so that you arrive ready to hit the ground running, instruction and coaching to support your goal crafting, and structured co-working so that at the end of the day you're all set to go! We also have an ongoing practice group that meets weekly, that you'll gain membership in by coming to one of these events.

Two sessions to choose from:


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What are last year's participants saying?

"The 2017 Goal Crafting Intensive gave me more clarity around how to create goals that strike a balance between focus and flexibility."
Felippe, Brazil
"The GCI workshop set a great tone for the new year—starting it in a growth-oriented way focused on building systems rather than setting commitments without follow-through."
Johannes, Germany

75% of respondents were significantly more prepared this year than previous years, due to our workshop.

Having Goals Matters

The scientific literature broadly agrees that goals have (at least) four important effects[1]:

  1. Goals direct attention toward goal-relevant activities and vice versa
  2. Goals energize you to work harder
  3. Goals challenge you to persist longer
  4. Goals cause you to become more strategic

Some people (notably Dilbert creator Scott Adams) have claimed that instead of goals, you should have "systems". Nonsense. Have both.

At the Goal-Crafting Intensive, we'll talk about how to use goals effectively, while not falling into some of the common traps, like lost purposes or a mindset of pre-success failure.

Goals + Systems > Resolutions

Registration is now closed (tickets sold out)

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