Manifesto: Purpose-driven Productivity

Most productivity systems are broken. They are based on the idea that productivity is about having complete control and getting everything done, all the time. It turns out this image of productivity doesn't work for most people. To-do lists pile up. Long term goals get pushed off. Motivation turns stale, and anxiety and pressure mount. Often, the control these systems promise turns into rigidity and waste.

We have a different understanding of what it means to be productive. You can't get everything doneā€”in fact, trying to do so is a waste of your time. Instead, you can use what limited time and energy you have to create and experience as much value as possible. With Complice, becoming more productive is about doing more things that are more important. Complice helps you do this by shifting a few ways you orient to decision making and time management.

With Complice, you will...

Align your actions with the things you care about most. Spend your time in ways that reflect your priorities and move you towards your goals.

Start fresh, every day. Tap into your intrinsic motivation by making daily choices to work on things that feel energizing, attractive and feasible.

Build on small wins. Develop a self-authored discipline one step at a time, by celebrating daily successes and watching them grow into confidence and momentum.

Feel empowered to change your life. Imagine the life you want to live and the world you want to create, and experience the power of your choices to shape your future.

About the Founder

Malcolm Ocean

Malcolm is a jack-of-all-trades. He'd been reading productivity blogs and books since high school, but really got into goal-setting in 2012 when he set a goal of recording an album of original music by the end of the year. He succeeded, and the process of tracking his daily progress was what inspired the creation of Complice.

He blogs at about personal development and new ways of thinking about the world. He graduated from Systems Design Engineering at University of Waterloo, and is working on several other projects around effective collaboration and feedback.

Malcolm sometimes spends an entire weekend
coding on Complice nonstop (except sleeping).
See a timelapse video: The 40-hour Work Weekend.

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