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How do I edit an intention that I inputted incorrectly?

There isn't a way to edit it. If the entire intention has a big error, what you can do is hit the red x to mark it as "nevermind", then enter a corrected version. Or if it's close but not quite right, you can edit it when you just submit your outcomes.

I realize this is a bit of a pain, but it's designed to keep people out of task-selection mode and in actually-doing-stuff mode. One thing you can do though is append text to the task by pressing a on your keyboard when you have the task selected or by using the ⋮ menu..

At the top of the timeline, there's a table... why are some cells colored and some aren't?

This indicates the enough/not enough state! It lets you visually glance at a day to see how enoughy it was, or a goal to see how on-track it is. See also the following question:

What's up with "Detected: 10 minutes"?

If you have a time duration in your current (topmost not-done) intention, Complice will automatically detect it, and then display a little button that will give you a timer for that duration.

The same system will also detect if your intention mentions a number of pomodoros, in which case it'll auto-complete the intention when you assign that many pomodoros to it.

What's the whole "enough" / "not enough" thing?

This is for recording how your progress went that day towards a goal. Complice detects if you've put "enough" or "not enough" and colorizes the bar dark if it was enough. You can also use "y" or "n" if you want to be brief, or :) and :(. In addition to those keywords, you can also write a note to yourself about how you feel about your progress on that goal that day.

You can also say "day off" or "holiday" if that day wasn't supposed to have anything towards that goal.

For more on how to decide if something was "enough" or not, see this blog post.

  • if "enough" or "not enough" or "nothing" is first, it'll detect that
  • if the only thing in the bar is "n" or "e"/"y", those will be counted as "not enough" or "enough"("yes") respectively
  • otherwise it first looks for "day off" or "vacation" or "holiday" or "n/a"
  • then it looks for various things meaning "not enough"
  • then it looks for things meaning "enough"
  • then things meaning "nothing"
  • then there are a few other things if none of those match, like looking for :( or :)

Is there any way to put in tasks not for today? Either into a general list or scheduled for a particular date?

You can't currently do this directly in Complice, but there's an app called WorkFlowy which is amazing for breaking down projects into parts. And now, Complice has an unofficial WorkFlowy integration that lets you plan tasks for days and have them automatically imported into that day's intentions.

There is also a hidden feature you can use to plan just one day in advance! Press shift+i to get a text box where you can draft intentions for tomorrow.

In the coworking rooms, when I pause my video, why does my webcam light stay on?

Good question. The system that I used is set up that way by default, for... reasons. It definitely isn't surreptitiously sending your video to anyone. It's sending blackness (and a note that says "I'm not actually sending video"). But yeah, unfortunately you have to refresh if you want to make the light go away. Somewhere on a long todo-list is making the Pause button actually stop the webcam.

What happens when I archive a goal?

When you archive a goal, instead of having a number code, it now has a two-letter code. This helps indicate that it's not active. You can still see events for that goal in your timeline and reviews, and the goal itself is listed on your goals page.

Completing a goal is mostly like archiving, except the goal also gets a big shiny final event noting that it is complete, and you're prompted to share your accomplishment.

Can I export my data? I don't want to pour my data into an app from where I can't export it.

Yup! Currently JSON export is available—go to

If you want a different format, get in touch and we can probably make it happen.

More to come!

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