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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

— Mary Oliver

Complice is for making meaningful progress every day.

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People all over the world use Complice to
  • get a job
  • create passive income
  • get better grades
  • write every day
  • get in shape
  • finish their PhD
  • nurture their mental health
  • record an album
  • get a job

What will you achieve this year? We can help.

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I keep losing touch with my long-term goals . . .

Crystal Clear Goals

Complice’s intuitive goal-creation wizard makes it easy to develop goals that are empowering, in-sync and always in front of you as you navigate life's twists and turns.

My to-do list just keeps accumulating things endlessly . . .

Fresh, Focused Actions

Your Complice today page refreshes every day, preventing stale lists and making it easy to plan daily actions that feel alive and advance your goals.

I struggle with being satisfied with my productivity . . .

Daily Progress & Accountability

Every night Complice compiles your day’s actions alongside each of your goals, making it easy to reflect on the progress you have made.

Weekly, monthly and annually, Complice assembles a report on your goals, allowing you to visualize success and learn from setbacks.

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We asked our users what they’re most proud of...

"I had goals to work on my personal image and apply to faculty jobs and I got a tenure track position!"
Maggie, United States
"I've changed jobs to become a computer programmer, from a completely non-technical background. Seeing tasks linked to my goal in colourful letters every day helped more than anything to keep making incremental progress."
Sally, United Kingdom
"So I have some social anxiety and doing-stuff-with-other-people issues. Complice helped me to regularly think about what I want to do next week or month. Like making that doctor's appointment or asking friends out to do something. And then actually implementing all the steps needed to achieve that."
Michael, Germany
"I have severe executive dysfunction, because I'm autistic with ADHD and anxiety, so it's hard for me to start tasks, remember what I'm supposed to do, or even be aware of where my day is going – especially now that I don't at least have college keeping me on track. Every other to-do app has made me overwhelmed. Complice helps me break down big goals into 'this specific small thing I can/should do today.'"
Jamie, United States
"With Complice's help, I was diligent in MBA applications and ultimately earned entry to my dream school!"
Daniel, United States
"With Complice, I wrote more, exercised more and learned more. Specifically, I went from dreaming about writing blog posts to having a blog with 15 solid posts that have stood the test of time."
Sean, Japan
"One of my favourite things about Complice is that it keeps me up-to-date with my accountability buddy (who is also my long distance partner). Is "better communication in our relationship" a thing I can note here?"
Tessa, United States
"Sticking to daily actions that help me achieve important goals, such as working out regularly and connecting with people I love."
Nalini, United States
"I'm running a £1.5M business, growing at 50% per year, recruiting 10 trainers... Complice has given me a 5x increase in productivity, by helping me focus on what's really important. Life before Complice was very stressful and chaotic, but I'm actually creating clear time to think now. I've never seen that before."
Rob Ashton, United Kingdom
"Complice helped me bring in an additional $269K in business to my agency. I'm an engineer not a biz dev guy but with Complice's framework to put in small but daily efforts I was able to find new clients!"
Shen, United States
"Setting up durable high-level goals that accurately reflect both where I want to be in the future, and what I can make happen today. (I'm also proud of keeping up the daily efforts for the past several months.)"
Grayson, Netherlands
"Complice has been incredibly useful in building a durable daily writing habit. The Beeminder integration makes capturing data easy and the "don't break the chain" setup the timeline page has is a powerful incentive to write everyday."
Zach, Canada

Today's the day: Get started towards my goals

Complice sounds great, but... 

Click to read more about these common concerns and misconceptions.

Complice was designed to fix some of the major flaws that make other productivity tools uncomfortable to use. With Complice you start each day fresh and set intentions based on what feels energizing, important and feasible that day.

No guilt or overwhelm at having a growing list of past todos that were never finished. Instead, Complice gives you small wins that can build confidence and momentum.

Trying out new productivity systems can be daunting, especially since so many of them require high amounts of discipline and focus to use effectively. Complice is not one of those tools! With Complice, daily email prompts make it easy to stay on track even when you don't log onto the app. There are no penalties for skipping a few days, and there is no pressure to do things you don't want to.

Instead, Complice is all about tapping into your intrinsic motivation and supporting you to make small wins. Before you know it, accomplishments like eating a healthy breakfast or doing 25 minutes of writing, can quickly snowball into positive habits, skills and confidence.

Complice offers a quick and easy goal setting wizard. The goals you pick can be long term and big picture, or they can be specific things you want to accomplish over the next few weeks.

Your goals don't have to be rigid targets—they can simply represent important areas of your life that you want to achieve balance between (for instance, you could have goals called "health", "family" and "work").

Complice is easy to use and requires a very low ongoing time investment—it's as simple as setting some intentions in the morning and reporting on whether you did those intentions in the evening.

The core benefit you get from doing this isn't that you will be more efficient—although you might!—it's that you will start systematically choosing actions that are of higher value to you and you will accomplish more of these actions every day.

Complice compliments most other productivity tools. It helps you execute your most important actions on a daily basis, so it pairs well with tools that are focused on longer term planning or organization.

Complice offers formal integrations with WorkFlowy and Beeminder, and many users use Complice alongside GTD-based apps like Todoist or Asana.

You won't need to spend any time importing your data from other platforms, because there is nowhere in Complice to put it!

With most productivity systems, the actions you intend to perform are stored in backlogs of plans and todo lists. With Complice, the actions you choose each day are generated based on what feels attractive, practical and in alignment with what you deeply care about—your goals! This approach emphasizes context-sensitivity, aliveness and small wins, over long lists and plans that go stale. Read more about our philosophy

Of course, if you've got a working list of next actions for one of your goals, that can be a great place to pull today's intentions from.

Complice offers a JSON export, just go to complice.co/$USERNAME/entryexport.json. If you want a different format, get in touch and we can probably make it happen. We'll make sure you're not locked in.

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...between signing up for Complice, and doing something else. Whatever you choose, it matters to us that you make that decision in alignment with the things you care about and the future you want to create.

Because hey, this could be a chance to step back and make some adjustments to your life trajectory, and so it could be a missed opportunity if you just closed the tab and did something random.


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